Us news & world report home health other sections: news money education science travel cars law u. S. News home hospitals doctors health plans nursing homes diets eat + run home > health > managing your healthcare > michael douglas cancer diagnosis: what you need to know michael douglas cancer diagnosis: what you need to know actor michael douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer, which has avoidable risk factors by deborah kotz september 1, 2010 rss feed print comment (58) tweet share on linkedin related articles how to prevent oral cancer saliva may help spot oral cancer early clueless on stds, throat cancer, and oral sex michael douglas video: cancer treatments "i got cancer," michael douglas announced on the david letterman show tuesday night. buy generic viagra viagra online cheap generic viagra generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra online He says he was diagnosed with throat cancer three weeks ago and has just finished his first week of radiation and chemotherapy. Although douglas's cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, it remains confined to his neck region giving him an 80 percent chance of recovery, he told letterman. "i had a pretty sore throat early this summer and i went through a litany of doctors and they didn't find anything," until august when another medical exam revealed a small tumor. (see his interview here. ) [search for a best cancer hospital near you. ] head and neck cancers, which form in the mouth, nose, sinuses, and throat, are more commonly seen in people over 50 who have a history of smoking, chewing tobacco, or heavy drinking. Yet, more and more of these cancers are cropping up due to infections with the sexually-transmitted human papillomavirus, as my colleague bernadine healy has previously reported. A 2008 study from the journal of clinical oncology found that cases of hpv-related oral cancers, which develop in the tonsils and base of the tongue, had nearly doubled over the past three decades among folks in their 40s. [what farrah fawcett can teach us about anal cancer] douglas's cancer is reportedly located at the base of his tongue, where those caused by hpv tend to appear. He has apparently been given an optimistic prognosis for his stage iv cancer, traditionally the worst kind. But tumors that test positive for the hpv virus have better survival rates than those that aren't associated with the virus, according to a study conducted by johns hopkins university researchers. Whi.  

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